Our Mission

The Gibson Lupus Autoimmune Resource Center is a support network raising funds to build re-educational clinics. The centers will encourage people to see life after their diagnosis. We currently have an online network of Lupus organizations that help people survive and thrive while waiting for a cure. Our doctor’s network will be a platform for diagnosed lupus and other autoimmune disorders’ patients to have access to experts who give solutions towards a healthier life. Lastly, this will lead to the grand opening of the ARC Village, a tiny home community to provide housing opportunities to individuals with health disorders and disabilities. 

Organization Advertising

We are a hub of information, and mobile application, for those dealing with lupus in any shape or form. This is done by connecting with a variety of organizations in and around the lupus community. This brings unity among the organizations in the community as well as unity among the organizations a round the lupus community. 

We are one networking

It is  important that we stick together. No one lupus organization can do it all. We all play an important part that needs to function in this body to better understand and live with these lupus symptoms. 

We are here to help people survive to see the cure.

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