The Gibson Lupus ARC raises money for medical scholarships and to build educational clinics and schools. We also created an online support network that seamlessly connects Lupus and Autoimmune patients to local organizations that can help diagnose and treat Lupus and Autoimmune diseases. 

In the near future, we plan to develop a Gibson Lupus ARC community that will provide affordable housing opportunities to individuals suffering from a disability or health disorder. 

It will take the help of an entire community to fight Lupus and Autoimmune diseases! We desperately need your help to provide the necessary resources to those suffering from Lupus and Autoimmune diseases to live long enough to experience a medical cure!


Zuriel Gibson – C E O

The CEO has dedicated herself to this mission to provide innovative resources that serve the Lupus & Autoimmune disease community that promotes long life  until the cure comes.

Lynette Reddix – Treasurer

 The CEO of No Sister Left Behind where their mission is to Provide innovative programs that serve youth education, empowering women,Breast Cancer Initiative,Domestic Violence Svc., Veteran Resources & Housing

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